We can design it for you to build

Which customer are you?

  1. Are you the customer who is too busy dealing with day to day production to get your hands dirty in the business of automation? Are you looking for a company that can take control of the situation? A company that can come in and review your current production, make recommendations, engineer systems, build them, install them and train the people who will work the systems? CAD is that company.
  2. Are you a customer who wants to be involved with the conceptualizing and design stages of a system, but need someone else to design and build it? You know your product and current production methods well enough to be able to push the direction of the design of the systems. You don’t have the time, or capacity to bring those ideas to fruition, but need a company that can work with you to make it happen. CAD is that company.
  3. Are you the customer who has the capacity to fabricate, assemble and debug your system, but need a company to work with to design the system? You have a well trained machine shop and maintenance facility. You have the knowledge to assemble and debug the system, but don’t have the time to conceptualize, design and detail the system. Maybe you don’t have the software needed to create the machine designs, or the engineering team to pull it off efficiently with all the work already on your plate. You need a partner on your team that can do this. CAD is that company.

Continuing Improvement

Our commitment to our customers includes training and educating our employees in the latest technologies. By having our engineers and technicians up to date on the latest software, OSHA and NEC standards our customers are assured that they are getting the best services available.

As a Level 2 FANUC Authorized System Integrator we work thru the training for our technicians to be able to properly install and service the robots we sell. FANUC has a stringent training requirement that includes multi-day, hands-on classes to teach everything from basic skills to a full take-down and rebuild. These skills ensure a smooth handoff from CAD to our clients.

As an Allen-Bradley® machine build partner, we are committed to having our team of engineers and technicians well versed in the latest designs and offerings from Allen-Bradley. Whether that includes the latest PLC software or the latest Safety hardware we bring a level of understanding of technology that will help you succeed.

Solidworks has grown to dominate the engineering and design software world. CAD has grown with it by being on top of the latest revisions and classes to ensure our designs meet the most demanding applications and analysis.

So where do we go with our engineering?

With the addition of a 3D printer to our stable, we are able to turn around small parts to check designs and create prototypes in a matter of hours. Recently we used the 3D printer to be able to create a prototype of a vacuum end effector and ship it to the customer within 2 days to verify it would function. Some small design changes were found that would improve the design. We made the changes to the design and released the parts through our ERP system and had the customer a working end effector within the week that was already proven.

In 2015, we incorporated a Stratasys 3D printer to improve the speed, quality and material choices for our clients. Using this, we’re able to rapidly produce parts to verify functions of a variety of components on the machines we build along with being able to make changes and produce next revision parts within hours.