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Part Deflash Inspect Pack System

Three of these conveyor Systems were designed, built and installed by Colorado Automation and Design. Using Flexlink XL conveyor the parts were run thru the System to be packaged in trays for final assembly. The compression molded parts were unloaded in groups of 10 and placed onto the conveyor with an inversion gripper. The part would then pass thru a deflash station using custom designed brushes to lightly remove any flashing without damaging the parts. A side vision inspection using Cognex cameras would then measure the parts to determine the first stage of pass/fail criteria. The parts were then transferred thru a set of Flexlink side grip belts to allow a Cognex camera to inspect the top and bottom of the parts to determine the next stage of pass/fail criteria. Tracking of the parts allowed an immediate rejection if a failure was spotted. The parts were then counted and loaded into a matrix tray using a Parker Slide and Servo system. Using an Allen Bradley Compact Logix plc allowed a control level and integration into the customer site that proved quick and effective. Working with our Strategic Partner Flexlink proved valuable for the customer by allowing a quick design of the conveyor system and rapid deployment.

Part Deflash/Inspect/Pack System

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