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Next Steps

3d_printer_600_800So where do we go with our engineering? With the addition of a 3D printer to our stable we are able to turn around small parts to check designs and create prototypes in a matter of hours. Recently we used the 3D printer to be able to create a prototype of a vacuum end effector and ship it to the customer within 2 days to verify it would function. Some small design changes were found that would improve the design. We made the changes to the design and released the parts through our ERP system and had the customer a working end effector within the week that was already proven.

In 2015 we are bringing on a Stratasys 3D printer to improve the speed, quality and material choices for our clients. Using this we will be able to rapidly produce parts to verify functions of a variety of components on the machines we build along with being able to make changes and produce next revision parts within hours.

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