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We can design and build it for you…

Automation Services:

We can design and build it for you.  From a blank sheet to a finished installation.  Your design, or ours,  we can do that.

This system is one of three recently delivered. The system removes compression molded parts and sorts them through a customer created vision inspection system and then crates them for shipping. A rotary actuator is used to invert the parts prior to crating nine at a time. Various reject points along the conveyor ensure that only quality parts are crated.

PLC: Allen-Bradley
OIT: Automation Direct
Servos: Parker
Conveyors: Flexlink XM

The conveyors are Flexlink XM conveyors. There is a wedge conveyor that grips the parts from the sides so that vision inspection can be accomplished above and below the parts. The parts are pinched in the urethane fingers of the wedge and then set gently back down on the exit conveyor.

Colorado Automation and Design has the experience and ability to bring your automation needs from concept through design into manufacturing and finally installation on your floor to help meet your production needs. We can work with your production team to create a production flow that works with the amount of automation that suits your company best. We don’t use high pressure sales to put more machine on your floor than you need. We work with our customers to create automation to optimize their production needs within the budgets that all companies have to work with in today’s marketplace. Technology allows us to project the requirements for manufacturing and work with our customers to ensure that the automation is expandable to accommodate planned growth tomorrow without sacrificing the capital expenditures of today. Every customer has unique needs that are effected by not only budget constraints, but by technical capabilities. Working with the various departments of our customers allows us to design our systems around the capabilities of the production and maintenance personnel. Delivering a system to our customer that serves the needs of the entire company is the primary objective.

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